The test will determine the flu virus based on a nose swab with a 90-95% accuracy. If the stripe turns blue, you’ve got the flu, if it does not, you are home free» 

novosibirsk scientists created a prototype for a flu test based on the same technology as the common pregnancy test  

Fathers and Sons

 baby boom in the novosibirsk zoo    10/10/2014, 15:35

90 Days of Summer

 siberia without snow through the eyes of our readers    09/11/2014, 21:08

What I’m here for

 when and why novosibirsk turns into nueva siberra    07/15/2014, 22:06

The world through a clown’s eyes

 mime andrei kislitsin on the future of pantomime and the versatility of a true actor    07/1/2014, 19:25

Placebo: «The days of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll are over»

 drummer in british band placebo on why they’re not ashamed to have been playing in front of teenagers for 20 years    06/23/2014, 22:15
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The National Festival of Orlov Trotters was held in Novosibirsk for the first time September 5 and 6. These famous horses are remarkable for their kind disposition, lush mane and swan neck, but most importantly — outstanding speed and stamina. The crisis of the 1990s brought this breed to the brink of extinction. Photo by Sergey Mordvinov
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