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Advertise on this site

We offer effective ways of cooperation in the text and visual formats, and we also offer different kinds of solutions to your business tasks.

Our texts are unique because people usually read it to the end. Sib.fm visitors read some of the articles not less than ten minutes — we can tell about your business in the same attractive way.

Our advertising opportunities afford to reach your goals: to inform, to arouse interest, to attract attention.

Commercial publications

news10 000
keep the news on the homepage500 per day 
articles, stories, interviews40 000
video story (up to 5 minutes)40 000
infographics40 000
test40 000
briefly30 000
thing of the week10 000

Billboard ad units

        980 × 120 above all pages (25% of impressions)15 000 per month
        980 × 120 in the central part of the homepage (50% of impressions)20 000 per month
        980 × 120 in the bottom of the homepage (50% of impressions)10 000 per month
        980 × 120 after each post (25% of impressions)15 000 per month
        240 × 400 in each post, on the right side (25% of impressions)15 000 per month
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We also offer a variety of payment options for banners, depending on the number of impressions the rate of 200 rubles per 1,000 impressions.

By the way

Our relationship could become closer — we are ready to provide you with information support on an ongoing basis and to place articles at a discount. We invite you to become a sponsor of thematic stories and information topics for 30 000 per month.


If you like articles on Sib.fm and you are willing to talk about yourselves on the pages of our magazine or want to clarify any information, contact the Project Manager Elena Roor at er@sib.fm.