Ex-mayor of Tomsk marries a TEFI winner in prison

 09/4/2012, 10:43
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Ex-mayor of Tomsk marries a TEFI winner in prison
Elena Izofatova, photo from jrnlist.livejournal.com

Mr. Alexandr Makarov, an Ex-mayor of Tomsk who was sentenced nearly to 12 years in prison for bribery and extortion, has got married for the third time. «Interfax-Siberia» reports that his new wife, Miss Elena Izofatova, is the head of the Tomsk charity organization «Ordinary Miracle». She was previously known in Tomsk as a TV presenter.

«Marriage was registered on August, 28th» — a lawyer of convicted former mayor, Miss Elena Zlobina, said to the agency. In turn, Miss Izofatova told the news agency that the marriage ceremony took place in Irkutsk colony number 3 and «had a rather formal character.»

«But we were allowed to kiss. An employee of the registrars office came and registered our marriage »- explained Miss Izofatova. She also noted that she is not entitled to additional concessions as Makarov’s spouse. She is allowed to see him four times a year for a three-day visit, and four times a year — a visit for four hours. She will be able to live in a hotel located in the territory of the colony. Miss Izofatova reported that the ex-mayor of Tomsk feels good.

The charitable foundation «Ordinary Miracle» was founded in 2008 to help children in need.

Miss Izofatova was awarded with the prestigious TEFI television award in 2004 for her work as a presenter on Tomsk television channel TV2’s news program «Rush Hour». Stated on the channels’ website she received the award in the category of «TEFI — Region».

TEFI is an annual award given in the Russian television industry, presented by the Russian Academy of Television.

Mr. Makarov has previously been married twice and has three adult children. The criminal case against Mr. Makarov was initiated in December 2006, when he was arrested and dismissed from his post as Tomsk mayor.

Mr. Makarov was accused and found guilty of the following articles of the Criminal Code, «abuse of power» (Part 2. Art. 285), «a bribe of an official representative in a large scale» (paragraph «G» Art 4, part 290), «aiding and abetting in fraud on a large scale» (Part 5, Art. 33 and Part 4 of Art. 159), «extortion, committed for the purpose of obtaining property in a large scale» («b» Part 3. 163).

On November 15th 2006, the former mayor was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment to be served in a penal colony. In October, 2011, the Supreme Court reduced Makarov’s sentence by four months — to 11 years and eight months.

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