Novosibirsk Governor encouraged Ukrainians and Germans to invest in the construction of the subway

 10/25/2012, 15:04
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Novosibirsk Governor encouraged Ukrainians and Germans to invest in the construction of the subway
Photo by Yulia Isakova

Novosibirsk authorities are considering the possibility of a partly-private and partly-governmental partnership with the Ukrainian and German investors to find 10 billion rubles to complete the construction of Dzerzhinskaya subway lines. Otherwise construction will last for decades. This was in press briefing during the conference of the party’s branch «United Russia» on October, 25th, the Governor of the region, Mr. Vasily Yurchenko shared with Sib.fm correspondent.

«We have had negotiations with» Tonnelstroy" Company, which is considering the possibility of Dzerzhinskaya line construction.- said the Governor— I believe that I have a meeting with the German company, a world leader of subway and bridge construction on the 4th of November, and they will discuss this issue«. The Governor didn’t say the name of the German company.

OJSC «Tonnelstroy» was founded in 1968 and is a member of the Corporation «Ukrmetrotonnelstroy»

Mr. Yurchenko also added that negotiating with the private investors is due to the scale of the subway project in Novosibirsk and necessity of resource support.
It is aimed to finish construction of Dzerzhinskaya line, running from the Garin-Mikhailovsky Station to Molodezhnaya Station in Volochaevsky residential area and to build an electro depot «Volochaevskaya.»

«Unfortunately, we were able to invest only 200, 300, 400 million rubles to the construction of the underground during last years, and it is not a sufficient amount of money — the Governor explains. — We are calculating design specifications and estimates for the completion of the Dzerzhinskaya line and metro depot. The final cost of the project will be determined by the state examination group».

The Governor told Sib.fm, that according to the estimations of experts, it is needed about 10 billion rubles at the completion of Dzerzhinskaya subway line.

«I’d like to repeat, that the calculation, is not final, but the money is sufficient, and the neither city’s budget and nor local area’s budget are able to invest this money into the construction of the subway in two or three years — added Mr. Yurchenko. — Because there are large money-consuming objects in the region, and we face big challenges with the construction of new facilities, and increase in wages. And I honestly say: we need innovative solutions that can allow using additional financial instruments, except for direct funding, in order to accelerate the project, and not to stretch it for decades».

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