A group of residents is protesting against the construction of McDonald’s in a Novosibirsk park

 12/25/2012, 09:20

A group of residents, living in a building adjacent to the park near the State Public Scientific and Technical Library in Novosibirsk, has opposed the construction of a McDonald’s restaurant there at public hearings. However, their opinion was ignored and now the citizens are preparing to go to court, Vladimir Shibanov, one of the building’s tenants, told Sib.fm’s correspondent on 24 December.

According to Shibanov, tenants of the building, at 27 Kirov Street, made a number of complaints about the construction plans during «intense discussions» at public hearings. In particular, they spoke about the threats of clearing green spaces and aggravating traffic problems.

«We just have a rather close-knit Residents’ Association. About 15 of us turned up at the hearings in high spirits. And for good reason — it was clear that, in fact, everything had been decided beforehand. The whole procedure was more for show, so they can say: ’Look — there were hearings,’» said Shibanov.

The complaints made were not included in the final documents which confirm that hearings have taken place, he declared.

«In response to our questions, the representatives of ’Sib-Food’ (the company that is selecting sites for the construction of McDonald’s restaurants in Novosibirsk — Sib.fm comment) read out their programme to attract investors, and spoke about new jobs and landscaped areas. In general, they made it clear that everything will only be for the better,» said Shibanov.

Residents of the building are going to challenge the outcome of the hearings and make an appeal to the lawyers involved in the defence of Narymsky Park (public gardens in the centre of Novosibirsk). According to Shibanov, negotiations are underway with lawyer Valentin Demidenko, who has already expressed prior approval.

To recap, the six sites in Novosibirsk that have been earmarked for the first McDonald’s restaurants are all located in green areas of the city.

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