More than 700 people undress in Sheregesh for world record

 04/22/2013, 23:56
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More than 700 people undress in Sheregesh for world record
Photos from Kemerovo Gazette and the Sheregesh page on VKontakte

More than 700 people in bathing suits and shorts went down a mountain on skis and snowboards to set a record in the Guinness Book of Records. The descent took place on 20 April at the Kuznetsk Basin resort of Sheregesh and at least trebled the previous world record, according to a statement on the resort website that Sib.fm’s correspondent examined on 22 April.

The mass event, known as «Bikini Ride», was part of the Grelka sun&ride music festival.

The organizers had difficulty in naming the exact number of participants. It is believed that there were between 700 and 1,000 people. The 500 badges that were prepared in advance ran out long before the end of the queue for registration, observed organizers.

Skiers and snowboarders, who were supposed to be dressed only in swimwear, socks, sunglasses and shoes for the record to be valid, went down the Green descent. A mobile cloakroom with their clothes was set up to go down with them.

The result was at least three times higher than the previous record, set by 250 Canadian snowboarders. Internet portals based in Kemerovo have posted photo-reports about the event.

Formally, the record will be confirmed after Guinness Book of Records representatives examine the evidence and recount all participants. This will take about a month, the statement says.

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