Novosibirsk scientists develop Bluetooth technology for conception

 05/17/2013, 20:49
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Siberian scientists have developed a technology that allows women to find out the most favourable time for conception through their mobile phone, project manager Sergei Sedykh told news agency RIA Novosti.

«The essence of Baby Cloud is that a woman who wants to become pregnant wears a sensor on her body that measures body temperature and other parameters. Using Bluetooth technology, the sensor transmits a signal to the owner’s mobile phone at the beginning of ovulation and suggests the best opportunities for conception in real time,» said Sedykh.

The retail price of the device, including the services of a gynaecologist, will be around 4000-5000 roubles ($125-160), said the developer. The first prototype sensors are now being prepared in various shapes with different structures to attach them to the body. The samples will then be tested and the most accurate and user-friendly will go into mass production.

Medical and Biological Union, a resident of the Technopark in Novosibirsk’s Akademgorodok, commissioned the product. Company representative Maria Galyamova told RIA Novosti that they plan to supply clinics in Novosibirsk with the devices in the future.

«The device doesn’t only interact with the owner through a smartphone, but can also inform a doctor of the patient’s condition. Subsequently, it will be possible to develop the technology and use it, for example, to continuously measure blood pressure or blood sugar,» Galyamova explained.

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