Ex-porn actress Sasha Grey reminds orthodox believers in Novosibirsk about forgiveness

 05/22/2013, 09:11
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Ex-porn actress Sasha Grey reminds orthodox believers in Novosibirsk about forgiveness
Sasha Grey, photography by Dmitry Gusev

The American DJ, actress, «well-known Internet meme» and former porn star Sasha Grey stated in Novosibirsk on 20 May that the local Russian Orthodox Church intends to sabotage her performance at nightclub Rock City on 28 May. Grey considers it wrong to «spread hatred as Christians» and called the church to indiscriminate forgiveness, Sib.fm’s correspondent found out on 21 May.

A car journey across Russia featuring Sasha Grey in a Lada Kalina, organised by internet portal drom.ru, started on 16 May in Vladivostok. However, the participants only made it as far as Khabarovsk before the car broke down. Grey continued to Irkutsk and Novosibirsk by plane. Organisers are planning to sell the defective car at auction.

Drom.ru representative Mikhail Schetinin said at a press briefing on 20 May that «Sasha Grey is a very well-known Internet meme in Russia that everyone likes», which is why she was invited to take part in the event.

The organiser denied rumours that Grey received a $500,000 fee for participation. According to him, the portal is only «acting as a host and organising the rally». The American will make money from her DJ sets in Russian clubs. One of them has been announced for 28 May in the Novosibirsk club Rock City.

A round table discussion on «Sasha Grey’s work» will take place on 21 May in the Sunday school premises of the Cathedral of the Ascension. Deputies and representatives of public organisations have been invited. Priests are going to raise the issue of «the upbringing of a young generation of Russian citizens in the traditions of culture and morality» and find out if «the concept of a ’porn star’ is compatible with the concepts of morality and culture». Alexandr Krestyanov, representing the Community Health Centre, will moderate. The participants’ goal is «to organise public opposition and protect young people from the corrupting actions of immoral cultural figures». The event will raise money for the protest movement.

Miss Gray responded to the priests’ belligerent attitude: «I grew up in a religious family and have always believed, and still do, that forgiveness and acceptance of all exists, especially in Christianity. After that the Lord will decide what happens to a person,» said Grey, pointing out that one should not «spread hatred as a Christian».

One of the requests from the briefing organisers was not to ask questions of a «provocative nature» or «concerning Miss Grey’s past career in the porn industry». The guest was to be regarded solely «as a creative individual who is an established DJ, model, actress and socially active figure».

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