British fireman is cycling to Siberia

 05/30/2013, 01:02
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British fireman is cycling to Siberia
Kaleb Debbage visiting Kazakhstani firefighters, photo from zakon.kz

English fireman Kaleb Debbage, who is travelling around the world on a bicycle, is preparing to set off for Novosibirsk from Kazakhstan. He then plans to continue further into Eastern Siberia towards Lake Baikal, reports Kazakh internet portal zakon.kz.

The fireman from England told his Kazakh counterparts that he studied philosophy but one day decided to change career and become a firefighter. After five years service he was given a sabbatical year to recuperate.

His colleagues usually travel during their extended time off. Caleb decided not to break tradition but wanted to do things his own way: he set off on a round-the-world cycling trip. He has already ridden through the whole of Europe, also spending time in Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The English fireman will bike to Novosibirsk when his Russian visa becomes valid on Saturday, 1 June. From there, he will head to Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk, with the obligatory stop at Lake Baikal, followed by Ulan Bator, Shanghai, Beijing and, finally, the journey home.

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