Porta Potties block the main bridge in Krasnoyarsk

 06/2/2013, 16:01
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Porta Potties block the main bridge in Krasnoyarsk
Photo by instagram user nasty_justy

Five chemical toilets fell out of a passing truck on the Communal Bridge in Krasnoyarsk because of an unrepaired pothole. They blocked traffic on the bridge and damaged a car, Sib.fm’s correspondent found out on 29 May.

Portable toilets that fell onto the road surface of the Communal Bridge in Krasnoyarsk were the cause of traffic jams in the city on 29 May. A local eyewitness reported to news agency KNews that the incident occurred at around 11am.

According to the source, several chemical toilets fell from the truck, which was travelling towards the right bank. This led to serious traffic jams in both directions.

Traffic police worked on the bridge to help clear the toilets from the carriageway. According to other motorists, one of the them hit a passing Ford Mondeo as it fell.

News agency Interfax clarified that the toilets were scattered because the truck’s wheel hit a pothole on the bridge. The rut should have already been repaired.

«Traffic police were ordered to carry out repairs last week. However, the people responsible filled the pothole with gravel instead of asphalt,» noted a regional traffic police spokesperson.

The Communal Bridge is the central bridge across the Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk. Its image adorns the Russian ten-rouble note.

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