Jaguar kills Novosibirsk zookeeper

 06/10/2013, 09:03
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Jaguar kills Novosibirsk zookeeper
Jaguar at the Novosibirsk Zoo, photo by Vera Salnitskaya

Police are establishing the circumstances surrounding the death of a zoo employee, who was killed by a jaguar because of an open door, Sib.fm’s correspondent learned on 4 June.

«Today at 11:40 am, Novosibirsk police received information about a tiger attack on a zoo employee. An investigative team from police station number 3 headed to the scene,» said a statement from Novosibirsk police.

The woman died on the spot from her injuries, stated a Ministry of the Interior source.

Later, the regional Investigative Committee specified that it was a jaguar, not tigers

It became clear that the woman entered the cage with the animal in order to do some cleaning. However, the barrier that is supposed to separate the jaguar from the enclosure had not been closed.

«It has been established that the zoo employee violated safety rules herself by stepping into the cage without making sure that the barrier was closed. There will probably be a refusal to initiate criminal proceedings,» said Investigative Committee representative Marina Kinzhalova.

Later, news agency Interfax obtained information that the worker was attacked by a female black jaguar who was protecting her cubs.

Zoo director Rostislav Shilo declined to comment and put the phone down. The woman was 48 years old, added a police spokesperson.

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