Biker priest to lead mass sacred procession on motorbikes in Kuzbass

 07/29/2013, 19:41
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A 150km Orthodox procession will be held in the Kemerovo Region, headed by a biker priest from a local church who will bless the motorcycles, according to a statement from the Archdiocese of Kemerovo that Sib.fm’s correspondent examined on 25 July.

The Orthodox biker procession will take place in the Kemerovo Region and feature 250 riders from across the Kuznetsk Basin and Siberia. The bikers will cover about 150 kilometres during the cross procession.
The participants will swim in a holy spring during a visit to the village of Gavriliovka and organiser Alexandr Ilyinykh will bless their motorcycles on arrival at the church in the settlement of Bachatsky.

An archdiocese source noted that the sacred bike procession will be held for the fifth consecutive year. This year it is dedicated to the 1025th anniversary of the Christianisation of Kievan Rus, the 20th anniversary of the Diocese of Kemerovo and the 75th anniversary of the Kemerovo Region.

The mastermind behind the event is Alexandr Ilyinykh, priest at the Peter and Paul Church in the town of Salair, spiritual councillor and member of local motorcycle club «Free Spirit». He will lead the column himself from behind the handlebars of his bike.

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