Riot police cordon off building in Tomsk because of kitten in box

 09/12/2013, 00:34
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Riot police cordon off building in Tomsk because of kitten in box
The kitten in a box, photo from the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Tomsk riot police cordoned off the area around an apartment building after a call about a suspicious box that was signalled to have explosive material in it by a sniffer dog. However, the box actually contained a white kitten, according to a statement from the administration of the Tomsk Region Ministry of Internal Affairs that Sib.fm’s correspondent examined on 11 September.

On 11 September, a police control centre in Tomsk received an emergency call informing them that a suspicious box had been found near the entrance of a house on Mokrushina Street.

On-duty teams and the police bomb squad were sent to the address along with a sniffer dog and his handler.

The dog, specially trained to detect explosives, reacted to the box during a sweep of the area.

«Assuming that the box could contain an explosive device, officers cordoned off the item in question at a safe distance and removed passers-by from the scene. Observing all safety precautions, a member of the bomb squad examined the suspicious box once again and carefully opened one of its sides. To the surprise of the police officer, a white kitten’s head appeared in the resulting gap,» said a police spokesman.

The police handed over the kitten to a nearby veterinary centre following a request from its management. The staff promised to take care of him and find him a nice owner.

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