Mayor in the Tomsk Region offers reward for hooligan bear’s head

 09/26/2013, 19:58
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Mayor in the Tomsk Region offers reward for hooligan bear’s head
Photo from topchan.tc

An «abnormal» bear has destroyed a dozen summer cottages in the town of Kedrovy, Tomsk Region. The mayor has promised a reward for the person who shoots the predator dead, according to a statement from the Kedrovy administration that Sib.fm’s correspondent examined on 23 September.

«Today, we know about 15 smashed summer houses. A committee immediately visited the dachas and found a two-year-old, but already big enough, bear running riot. He was a little wounded, as he got injured breaking the glass and entering the cottages,» reported the municipality. The predator is a real threat to people, warned the authorities.

The bear’s appearance in the vicinity of Kedrovy coincided with the «Bear’s Corner» festival, which was to be a part of the annual Town Day celebrations.

On 17 September, Leonid Zvarych, mayor of Kedrovy, issued a decree «On measures for the extermination of bears on the territory of the Kedrovy municipality», which promised 5,000 roubles to anyone who shoots a bear dead. The Tomsk Region Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection has already issued a hunting license.

According to the Regional Committee for the Protection of Wildlife, the bear population has grown by 870 in the last year and exceeded 9,700, whereas the «desired» number is no more than 7,000. Experts believe that the population is increasing due to changes in hunting dates and a reduction in the number of experienced hunters.

Previously, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources rejected a request from Tomsk Governor Sergei Zhvachkin to extend the bear hunting season until 28 February in Siberia. It is currently permitted from 1 August to 30 November and from 1 April to 31 May, noted a Kedrovy administration spokesperson.

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