More than a thousand endangered tortoises found dead on beach in Novosibirsk

 10/2/2013, 02:05
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More than a thousand endangered tortoises found dead on beach in Novosibirsk
photos by Yana Botsan

Local residents found more than a thousand endangered tortoises dead on the banks of the River Ob in Novosibirsk. The police will hand over the 57 surviving animals to the zoo, Sib.fm’s correspondent learned on 26 September.

The press office of the Ministry of Interior in the Novosibirsk Region told Sib.fm’s correspondent that more than a thousand dead turtles have been found on Zelyony Mys beach on the banks of the River Ob near the suburban community of Belye Rosy. Fifty-seven turtles were found alive and are now at the Olovozavodsky police department.

«Yesterday, I found about 50 bags with their dead bodies in a five-by-five metre hole with construction waste. Most of the bags are sealed, the turtles didn’t have a chance, they’re already decomposed,» Valery Botsan, who reported the turtles to the police, told Sib.fm.

He added that they are Russian tortoises, which have been entered in the international Red List of Threatened Species. They began to come ashore in August. The weight of most of the animals ranges from 50 to 100 grams.

The police reported that the surviving turtles will be transferred to a quarantine at the zoo. The press office was unable to clarify when exactly the reptiles would be transported.

Police are conducting an inspection in response to the turtles’ discovery.

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