Siberian firemen light up YouTube Top 10

 12/27/2013, 15:44
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Siberian firemen light up YouTube Top 10
Screenshot from Youtube video, caption: «We wish you a fabulous new year!»

Firefighters from Irkutsk have performed a dance and recorded a special song to remind people about fire safety during the holiday season. Their video is one of the most viewed entertainment clips on YouTube, according to a statement from the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The video, which features three firemen dancing around a Christmas tree to electronic music, wishing everyone a happy New Year and reminding people about fire safety rules, was uploaded onto YouTube on 22 December.

The ministry’s press office reports that by 24 December, the clip held ninth place in YouTube’s entertainment video ranking with more than 8,000 hits. Other copies posted on the site collected around 3,000 views in total, while more than 2,500 users watched the video on social networking site VKontakte.

In addition to Russian-style dance squatting and Michael Jackson’s legendary moonwalk, the new internet stars show off home-made posters at the end of the video to remind Siberians not to let children play with fireworks, not to drive across frozen bodies of water outside official crossings and, if something goes wrong anyway, to call the single emergency number — 112.

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