Korean company to introduce separate waste collection in Novosibirsk

 02/4/2014, 20:13
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Korean company to introduce separate waste collection in Novosibirsk
Photo by Vera Salnitskaya

Korean company KEC Korea is going to undertake a pilot project of separate waste collection and comprehensive waste processing in Novosibirsk. Governor Vasily Yurchenko has already ordered the development of a «specific, tightly scheduled» plan for its implementation. Now, flying into the city in a helicopter is terrible due to landfill sites, complained the governor at a meeting with entrepreneurs on 30 January, attended by Sib.fm’s correspondent.

«Yesterday I met a Korean national company that says ’We’re ready, we know how to do it, we did it in our own country. We’re willing to do make the entire chain — from the citizen who takes out his rubbish every day to the eco-friendly landfill site — at our own expense’. Well, they’re stretching the truth, [when they say] ’at our own expense’. We’re still all going to pay our rates. On the other hand, we won’t have the disgrace that we have now on the outskirts and inside the city,» said Governor Vasily Yurchenko on 30 January during a meeting with businessmen in Novosibirsk.

According to him, over a hundred landfills will be liquidated in the region inside three years.

«You see them here and there when you’re driving. It’s another thing when I’m flying in a helicopter. You get scared as you approach the city,» complained the governor.

The first stage of the concept for the collection, transportation, processing and disposal of solid waste in Novosibirsk (2012-2020) provides for the creation of «a thermal processing complex, organisation of selective waste collection, creation of a modern monitoring system and the development of integrated technological systems for deep waste processing (eco-clusters)». It is assumed that by 2020, two waste incineration plants with a total capacity of 600,000 tonnes will be set up, said a regional government spokesperson.

In September 2013, Novosibirsk authorities announced that a pilot project launched a year earlier for the separate collection of glass, aluminium cans and plastic bottles had been successful.

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