Novosibirsk snowboarder survives fall into crevasse on Mount Elbrus

 02/12/2014, 19:53
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Novosibirsk snowboarder survives fall into crevasse on Mount Elbrus
the south face of Mount Elbrus at an altitude of 4800 metres, photo from peshkovvaleriy.35photo.ru

Rescue workers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) have found a snowboarder from Novosibirsk who had fallen into a crevasse on Mount Elbrus unharmed at an altitude of about 4600 meters. The snowboarder, Dmitry Kokarev, fell from a height of around 12 metres and was not injured, Sib.fm’s correspondent found out from the press office of the Kabardino-Balkaria MES.

As reported by a spokesperson for the MES in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, a Novosibirsk resident who fell into a crevasse on Mount Elbrus while snowboarding has been found alive.

«The snowboarder fell onto a snowy pillow in the crevasse and survived. <...> Rescue workers are retrieving the snowboarder and will then transport him to base camp,» reads an official statement.

The snowboarder’s name is Dmitry Kokarev; he was not injured.

«We’ve had similar cases there, the slopes are all full of crevasses,» noted an employee of the MES press office.

The ministry received information about the incident at an altitude of 4600-4700 meters near the Pastukhov Cliffs on 11 February at 13:18 local time. Rescue workers arrived on the scene at around 15:00, the government department reports.

Earlier, the MES press office was unable to give Sib.fm’s correspondent the name of the athlete, as he had not registered as a tourist. His group consisted of two people.

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