First polar bear cub in 42 years born at Novosibirsk Zoo

 02/28/2014, 15:25
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First polar bear cub in 42 years born at Novosibirsk Zoo
Photo from Novosibirsk Zoo

Polar bears Kai and Gerda bore offspring in early December at Novosibirsk Zoo. The female has not let the bear outside yet, so its sex is unknown. The last time polar bears bred in Novosibirsk was in 1972, according to a statement from the zoo that Sib.fm’s correspondent examined on 25 February.

In early December, the first child of polar bear couple Kai and Gerda was born at Novosibirsk Zoo.

«Since the polar bear is a solitary animal, we occasionally split them up into different enclosures. It had the desired effect. In November, the female started to make itself a ’maternity den’ and lay out a bed of hay. In early December, she stopped coming out of the shelter. To our great joy, Gerda showed herself to be a responsible mother and never showed aggression towards the baby. She’s already started to go outside, but won’t let the cub out, so it’s not yet possible to determine the sex,» said a zoo spokesperson.

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As a rule, the cub emerges from the den only three to four months after birth, our source added. A female polar bear gives birth only once every two or three years, gestation lasts 230-250 days and there are one to three cubs weighing 450-750 grams in a litter. In the wild, the cubs stay with the female for one and a half to two years, during which time she feeds them milk.

The zoo got the bears in 2008: the male from Leningrad Zoo and the female from Moscow.

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