Governor of Novosibirsk Region announces fundraising for Ukraine

 03/4/2014, 22:11
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Governor of Novosibirsk Region announces fundraising for Ukraine
Vasily Yurchenko, photo by Dmitry Gusev

The Novosibirsk Region will provide financial support to Russian citizens in the Crimea and the rest of Ukraine. Regional governor Vasily Yurchenko has made an appeal to officials with a request for funds, reports Sib.fm’s correspondent.

Novosibirsk Region Governor Vasily Yurchenko has appealed to state and municipal employees in the region to start collecting funds for Russian citizens in Crimea and Ukraine, ITAR-TASS reports.

According to the news agency, Yurchenko said that the region will provide comprehensive aid, including financial assistance, to Russian citizens and Black Sea Fleet servicemen in the Crimea, as well as their families.

«According to the governor, all Russians in Ukraine, ’suffering from nationalist sentiments’, can count on support,» reports ITAR-TASS.

«I would suggest that the Foreign Ministry create a special fund (to raise funds from Russian regions), in order to distribute the funds received themselves,» the agency quotes Yurchenko as saying.

To recap, the Federation Council approved Russian President Vladimir Putin’s request to invade the territory of Ukraine on 1 March. The Ukrainian authorities in response brought their armed forces into a state of combat readiness and declared general mobilisation. The U.S. threatened Russia with economic isolation and exclusion from the G8.

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