Travelling circus presents Novosibirsk Zoo with a Chapman’s zebra

 03/11/2014, 01:19
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Travelling circus presents Novosibirsk Zoo with a Chapman’s zebra
photo by Novosibirsk Zoo

A touring circus has gifted a male Chapman’s zebra to Novosibirsk Zoo. This species has never been kept in the zoo, according to a statement that Sib.fm’s correspondent examined on 28 February.

On 28 February, touring circus Safari presented Novosibirsk Zoo with a male Chapman’s zebra.

«We rarely accept animals from circuses, but since this species has never been held in the zoo, we decided to take it. Prior to this, the Novosibirsk Zoo only had a Grant’s zebra, and that was back in 1981,» said a zoo spokesperson.

The male, nicknamed Chapa, was born in 1997 and spent most of his life on the circus stage, the statement continues.

Chapman’s zebra is one of the subspecies of the plains zebra, common in South Africa. It feeds on grass and shrubs, and lives in large herds made up of harems. The migration of the species is directly related to the presence of water. The Chapman’s zebra’s pregnancy lasts about a year; usually, one calf is born.

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