Jaguars from Novosibirsk eat bear cub in front of visitors at Karaganda Zoo

 03/21/2014, 19:29
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Jaguars from Novosibirsk eat bear cub in front of visitors at Karaganda Zoo
Jaguar at Novosibirsk Zoo, photo by Svetlana Erygina

Jaguars that had arrived from Novosibirsk have torn apart a six-week-old bear cub at Karaganda Zoo. The zoo acknowledges its guilt only for the fact that it happened in front of visitors, Sib.fm’s correspondent discovered on 18 March.

According to newspaper Novy Vestnik, the incident occurred at Karaganda Zoo on 16 March. The jaguars were able to move the iron door between the enclosures and attacked the six-week-old bear.

«It hid under the bench. The predators tried to get it out with their paws for 15 minutes. The bear cub growled at them. They chased its back and forth. Then one jaguar drove it to the edge. The other one grabbed it in his mouth and pulled it out from under the bench, and then bit through the spine,» one eyewitness told the publication.

It is also noted that visitors tried to save the cub, but there were no zoo employees, who were breaking ice at the time, in the vicinity.

A zoo spokesperson explained to Novy Vestnik that the bear was born «sick and frail», so it was decided to let it be eaten. Zoo workers can only be blamed for the fact that they did it in front of visitors, including children.

In captivity, the predators are often fed specially bred horses, donkeys, rabbits and rats, noted the zoo.

The deputy director of the zoo and the head of the predator sector have been reprimanded, clarified the Kazinform agency.

The two jaguars arrived at Karaganda Zoo from Novosibirsk. In summer 2013, their mother mauled a zookeeper, who forgot to close the cage, in front of visitors. The incident was classified as an accident.

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