Organisers of mass ski run in swimsuits to set new Guinness World Record

 04/1/2014, 21:11
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Organisers of mass ski run in swimsuits to set new Guinness World Record
grelka fest 2013, courtesy of Engiro creative bureau

The organisers of the Grelka sun&ride Music Fest in Sheregesh, who were entered into the Guinness Book of Records in 2013 for the largest downhill ski and snowboard descent in swimwear, have applied for a new record. They are looking for 2000 volunteers to participate in a ski run wearing carnival costumes, according to a statement that Sib.fm’s correspondent examined on 27 March.

The ski resort Sheregesh in the Kemerovo Region will host the second Grelka sun&ride festival on 11-13 April. Organisers have announced that a carnival ski run down Zelyonaya Mountain will be the main event.

They plan to set a new record in the «Biggest skiing and snowboarding carnival in the world» category. According to organisers, Guinness World Records has already accepted their application.

«We’re expecting 2,000 people. Last year, there were more than a thousand. This year, there’ll be around 3,000, we’re getting a lot of phone calls,» said Konstantin Koshkin, one of the organisers.

He added that girls will be able to make the descent in swimsuits and bikinis — they also count as carnival costumes.

This record will be set for the first time, said Koshkin

The costumed descent down Zelyonaya Mountain will be held on one of the festival’s three days — the exact date will depend on the weather. Under Guinness rules, participants will need to register and there will be a minimum age of 18.

On 20 April 2013, more than 700 people in bathing suits and shorts went down Zelyonaya Mountain in Sheregesh on skis and snowboards to set a Guinness World Record, more than tripling the previous record.

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