1,300 people in carnival costumes go down mountain in Sheregesh for new record

 04/16/2014, 05:07
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1,300 people in carnival costumes go down mountain in Sheregesh for new record
photo from Sheregesh tourist and information centre

More than 1,300 people in carnival costumes and bathing suits completed a descent of Zelyonaya Mountain in Sheregesh, Kemerovo Region, on skis and snowboards to set a new Guinness Word Record, doubling their previous record for a ski-run in swimsuits, Konstantin Koshkin, organiser of the Grelka sun&ride 2014 festival told Sib.fm’s correspondent on 14 April.

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The second Grelka sun&ride festival was held at ski resort Sheregesh in the Kemerovo Region from 11-13 April. More than 1,300 people in carnival costumes and swimsuits went down Zelyonaya Mountain, Koshkin said.

«1317 people got numbers. We didn’t fulfil our plan — we were expecting 2,000 participants,» complained the organiser, adding that there were few participants in swimsuits due to bad weather.

Among the most memorable costumes, Koshkin mentioned a Chinese dragon, brides, characters from The Flintstones and Russian comedy TV show «Village of Fools», and a girl in a Marge Simpson costume, who later jumped into the swimming pool wearing it.

«Batman and Superman aside, there were a lot of costumes: ’Village of Fools’, brides, a lot of cavemen from The Flintstones. People had a very creative attitude, which is nice», said the organiser.

According to him, next season will host a «more beautiful and larger parade, even if we don’t set a new record».

The Guinness Book of Records will only register the new record in autumn 2014. «This record has never been set, so they’re still discussing it now. If all of the technical requirements — we’re sending them recordings from the start and finish line — are met and if they’re able to count the number of people going down with numbers, then everything should be okay. If they don’t like it, we’ll move on. This won’t be our last festival,» he explained.

To recap, on 20 April 2013, more than 700 people in bathing suits and shorts went down Zelyonaya Mountain in Sheregesh on skis and snowboards to set a Guinness World Record, more than tripling the previous record.

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