Siberians with flag and bear climb Alps

 05/1/2014, 14:51
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Siberians with flag and bear climb Alps
Photo courtesy of i’m siberian

A group of professional climbers with a bear and a flag bearing the photos of 2000 Siberians are climbing two alpine peaks — the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. They left Novosibirsk for Milan on 26 April and are currently waiting out a storm at the foot of the first mountain, I’m Siberian co-creator Evgeny Starostenko told Sib.fm’s correspondent on 29 April.

The project was initiated by the I’m Siberian team, who organised an ascent of Mount Elbrus a year ago in order to promote Siberia. They will climb the Alps on a through route from west to east. The most difficult part of the journey is the large steep slope known as Kreps, which will take more than three days to cross, sleeping in hanging tents. Experienced Siberian climbers Evgeny Zenovich, Vladimir Pisarenko, Alexandr Russkikh, Alexei Minaev, Mikhail Borisov and Yegor Nadymov are taking part in the expedition, which is being lead by a Siberian bear, played by a secret climber.

" The team is already in the Alps. They travelled to Milan from Novosibirsk on 26 April, where they picked up a rental bus and set off for the mountains. Yesterday, they arrived at the first mountain, the Matterhorn, and are located at the bottom. It was very warm in Milan, but there was heavy snow in the mountains and it got very cold," said Starostenko.

As is already tradition, 2000 Siberians, whose photos are on the expedition’s flag, are taking part in the climb virtually alongside the climbers.

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«The expedition has two objectives: the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. It will last approximately 10-15 days. Again, much depends on the weather there. The guys are uploading photos and videos on Instagram with the special hashtag #alps_ims, so you can almost follow them online,» said the organiser.

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