Novosibirsk Region residents seek owner of dog waiting at roadside for six months

 05/7/2014, 15:10
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Novosibirsk Region residents seek owner of dog waiting at roadside for six months
Photo courtesy of konkyrent.ru, vk.com/nsknahodka

Residents of Iskitim in the Novosibirsk Region have informed us about a red dog that has been waiting for its owner at the side of the road since winter, refusing to leave the spot and approach other people; the dog reacts to light cars, reports Sib.fm’s correspondent.

The red dog has been waiting for its owner on the M-52 highway in the Novosibirsk Region near the town of Iskitim since December 2013, local media wrote previously.

Information about the dog appeared in January 2014 in Iskitim publication Konkurent. They reported that the red-haired dog was first noticed on the road near Iskitim, not far from the junction for Lebedevka in December 2013; the animal was obviously waiting for its owner.

«He ran up to and gazed after all the light cars that drove past. But if someone stopped, and he saw that it was strangers, he ran away immediately,» wrote Konkurent.

Locals began to feed the dog and tried to take him home, but he didn’t let them. According to the group «Lost and Found» on social networking sites, the dog managed to survive the winter: some nice people knocked up a kennel for him, visited and changed the water, but the dog «stares into the distance», hoping to see his owner’s car.

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«Since December, the dog has become noticeably thinner, his ears no longer stand upright, and his fur doesn’t shine,» continues the statement.

Due to their similar stories, locals have nicknamed the dog Hachi in honour of the character from the eponymous Hollywood film, but hope that the dog will live to finally see his owner, said «Lost and Found».

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