Activists ask Novosibirsk mayor to ban Marilyn Manson concert

 05/14/2014, 21:17
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Activists ask Novosibirsk mayor to ban Marilyn Manson concert
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Activists in Novosibirsk have appealed to Mayor Anatoly Lokot with a request for help in cancelling a concert by Marilyn Manson, which is due to take place on 29 June, as the singer allegedly promotes unconventional sexual relationships and hurts the feelings of religious people. The activists also fear that «U.S. citizen Marilyn Manson could earn several million dollars in Russia» amid Western sanctions against the Russian Federation, according to their petition, which Sib.fm’s correspondent examined on 12 May.

Novosibirsk activists have published a petition with an appeal to Mayor Anatoly Lokot, requesting his assistance in calling off a Marilyn Manson concert on 29 June. In the text, they state that the singer violates several articles of the Russian Criminal Code, including those concerning propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships and violation of religious feelings.

«The singer defiantly burns the Bible, dances in priestly robes and sings blasphemous songs at his shows. He also promotes anti-family values and a depraved lifestyle, which has a detrimental effect on the younger generation and causes the older generation to feel a lack of understanding of modern culture,» states the appeal.

Activists also published an appeal to residents of Novosibirsk on social network VKontakte, which stated that Manson and his show are «an act of pronounced aggression against conventional and traditional ethics and morality».

The mayor’s spokesperson Artem Skatov told Sib.fm’s correspondent that a formal appeal has not yet been made to the municipality. He advised activists to address such requests to the public prosecutor’s office, as the mayor has no right to cancel such concerts.

At the time of publication, 956 people had signed the petition. The activists plan to collect 1,000 signatures.

To recap, the Marilyn Manson concert is scheduled for 29 June at the Sibir Ice Centre. On this day, the musician was due to perform at the Park Live festival in Kiev, but the event was cancelled due to recent events in Ukraine.

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