Spiderman arrested for stealing bike from balcony

 05/19/2014, 13:46
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Spiderman arrested for stealing bike from balcony
photo from filmua.com

Residents of a tower block in Bratsk, Irkutsk Region, noticed a man stealing a bicycle and helped police apprehend the climbing thief, nicknamed «Spiderman», who stole valuables from balconies and made his escape down the drainpipe, according to a statement from the local Ministry of Internal Affairs that Sib.fm’s correspondent examined on 14 May.

According to Irkutsk police, their department in the city of Bratsk received information about a theft in a building on Naymushina Street in the early hours of 12 May; the nearest patrol was urgently sent to the scene of the crime.

The residents of the building told police that they heard a strange noise outside late at night. Going out onto her balcony, the owner of one of the flats saw a man climbing down the drainpipe with a stolen bicycle. Her family stopped him from fleeing the scene and the alleged thief was handed over to the police when they arrived a few minutes later.

The culprit turned out to be a 41-year-old repeat offender resident in Bratsk’s Pravoberezhny District; during questioning, his involvement in a similar theft committed on a third-floor balcony the day before was established.

«He also stole a bike, silently climbing up the grating of the lower balconies. Witnesses nicknamed him ’Spiderman’ due to his non-standard criminal practices,» runs the police statement.

Police have not ruled out that the man may have been involved in other similar crimes committed in Bratsk in recent months. Criminal proceedings have been initiated under Part 3, Article 158 of the Russian Criminal Code (burglary), which provides for up to six years in prison.

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