A golden «Devil’s ear» nugget, weighing in at over 6.5 kilos found near Irkutsk

 06/24/2014, 18:45
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A golden «Devil’s ear» nugget, weighing in at over 6.5 kilos found near Irkutsk

A gold nugget weighing 6664 grams was found in a deposit field in the Irkutsk region. The nugget became known as «the Devil’s ear» thanks to its peculiar shape and being discovered on Friday the 13th (of June). According to the Bodaibo administration’s website, machinery confused the nugget with a regular stone and disposed of it.

A 6664 gram gold nugget was found in the «Ukhagan» development field in Bodaibo, Irkutsk region. It is one of the largest nuggets to ever be discovered in the area.

The chunk of gold was found by a worker who was leveling a dumping ground — the prospecting machinery mistook the nugget for a regular stone and sent it to the dump.

According to the prospecting company’s CEO Sergei Kozlov, the percentage content of gold in this development field was very low and there were no expectations of such a find.

The nugget was found around midnight on Friday June 13th which led to the prospectors naming it «Devil’s ear».

" The weight is somewhat mystical — there are the three sixes and the shape is reminiscent of a sharpened ear", says the department.

As a reminder — in February Irkutsk police foiled an illegal 100 million ruble sale of a three-kilogram ruby for.

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