Omsk residents complain about bear living in garage

 06/27/2014, 01:10
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Omsk residents complain about bear living in garage

Police in Omsk have received a report that there is a bear in a rented garage. Police officers are on duty near the building, but cannot get inside. It is presumed that the bear has been left by a local circus troupe that has gone on tour, the Omsk Region Interior Ministry told Sib.fm’s correspondent on 24 June.

On 24 June, police received a report «from motorists» who had seen a cage with a bear in a garage; a man sometimes comes to feed the animal and change its litter.

«The police cannot get into this garage because the man who is feeding and caring for the bear has left Omsk. He’s supposed to come back, open the garage, and the police will enter. Besides, we need to make sure that there really is something there. But police officers are at the scene now just in case. Because it’s a hot day, and if there’s an animal there, then something could happen,» a police spokesperson told Sib.fm’s correspondent.

According to the authorities, an unknown circus troupe, which is currently on tour in the south of Russia, left the animal in the care of a man. The troupe members are still being identified.

«During investigations, we will establish if they are legally holding the bear. If there are any violations, the bear will probably be taken away and an agreement will be made with a zoo. It’s likely that the bear is being kept illegally. But we will find out exactly what law is being violated — criminal or administrative law, other regulation — during investigations,» said our source.

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