Roboteers from Buryatia shoot video about praying robot

 07/3/2014, 14:14
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Roboteers from Buryatia shoot video about praying robot

The RoboNuker robotics team from the Kizhinginsky District of Buryatia has made a video about a praying robot that «can’t understand what it’s needed for, looks for something and gazes into the distance». Previously, they made a film about robots dancing Buryat national dance yokhor, the team’s leader Ayur Bazarov told Sib.fm’s correspondent on 27 June.

«The idea of the video is that the robot can’t understand what it’s needed for, looks for something, gazes into the distance and, not finding anything, quickly lowers its head with regret and moves on. It suddenly sees a subarga (Buddhist stupa — Sib.fm comment), finds out about it on the internet and decides to make a wish, pray and carry out goroo (a ritual — Sib.fm comment). What’s the prayer about? Maybe about peace,» says Bazarov.

«A lot of people ask about the sudden end of the video, as if something is missing. That was the idea — think for yourselves,» continued our source.

It took about five hours in total to create the video. The team members assembled and programmed the robots themselves.

«As team leader, I try to share my thoughts and ideas with the students, but leave the question open, so they think it out and come to a decision together. We present our team to the whole world by filming videos, which is made possible by the internet,» said Bazarov.

«A Robot’s Prayers» is not the first video shot by the team. Shortly prior, they posted another video on YouTube, where robots dance the Buryat national dance yokhor. The video was uploaded with the title «Yokhor performed by robots for the first time in the history of mankind».

According to one Buryat newspaper, users of social networking sites called the video a new example of cyberpunk and compared it to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

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