Farmer spends inheritance on building road in Omsk Region

 07/7/2014, 20:10
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Farmer spends inheritance on building road in Omsk Region

Farmer Vasily Zagorodni from the Omsk Region has invested 1 million roubles, which he inherited from his grandmother, to asphalt a 1.3km-long, 4.5m-wide country road; he also had to add his own savings, while all the villagers are participating in construction, reports the Channel 12 Omsk news agency.

The grandmother of farmer Vasily Zagorodni from the village of Preobrazhenka in the Omsk Region left her grandson an inheritance of 1 million roubles before her death and asked him to use the money to asphalt their country road. The farmer added around 100,000 roubles to this sum himself.

«It’s impossible to drive through the village and I’m sick of ruining my suspension. And as soon as it rains, it’s impossible to leave,» said Zagorodni. According to local residents, «it’s hard to call the only street in the village a road — nothing but potholes, which are hard to get past even in a tractor».

The farmer said that about 100 people — other villagers — are helping to repair the road in order to save money. They construct the earth embankment and cover it with gravel, but professional road builders lay the asphalt. The length of the new road will be 1.3 km, with a width of 4.5 metres.

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