Four Siberian tiger cubs born in Novosibisk City Zoo

 07/14/2014, 18:14
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Four Siberian tiger cubs born in Novosibisk City Zoo

On May 25th a Siberian tigress gave birth to four cubs — three females and one male. According to a Sib.fm correspondent, they have already began wandering the territory of the open-air enclosure and eating meat.

On May 25th 2014, in Novosibirsk zoo, a Siberian tiger couple — Max and Lapa received their long-awaited family addition — four baby cubs. According to the message from the zoo’s administration, by the end of June the cubs began leaving the imitation cave and exploring the territory of their enclosure.

«The three females and the male are currently feeding on their mother’s milk but have begun eating some meat as well.»

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«Max, the male Siberian tiger, was born in the Moscow zoo in 2007, while the female, Lapa, was born in 2006 and came to us from the Russian Far East,» the zoo workers added. «This is the third time that the couple had cubs. The babies are doing really well.»

In the beginning of December 2013, polar bears Kai and Gerda had their firstborn cub — a male named Shilka. This was the first time in 42 years that polar bears had a baby in Novosibirsk City Zoo.

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