Raccoons Masha and Artyom of the Krasnoyarsk zoo had a friendly laundry competition

 08/12/2014, 00:47
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Raccoons Masha and Artyom of the Krasnoyarsk zoo had a friendly laundry competition

Raccoons named Masha and Artyom from the Krasnoyarsk «Royev Ruchei» zoo had a friendly laundry —washing competition. Sib.fm correspondent found out from the zoo’s official release that Masha the raccoon won the competition while Artyom was disqualified for trying to eat the buttons.

According to the information disclosed by the zoo, August 9 a thematic celebration «I love raccoons» took place. To honor the holiday, zoo workers arranged a friendly competition between a raccoon couple — Masha and Artyom. They were given tubs of water and plenty of clothes.

According to the zoo,«the North American raccoon will wash anything that gets in their hands. In the «Royev Ruchei» they even wash their dinner — buckwheat and cottage cheese.«

Earlier this summer the «Royev Ruchei» zoologist offered Masha and Artyom a tub of water and an old sweatshirt.

«Masha began to do the washing right away but wouldn’t let Artyom get close, even though the male was trying to help with the chores. She kept him away from two tubs of water, biting his ears when he got close.»

Visitors loved the experiment and a video of the process went viral in Russian and foreign social media.

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This time the raccoons got two tubs of water and plenty of dirty laundry, «so that there will be enough for everyone.» A panel of judges from the workers and visitors to the zoo rated the animals’ enthusiasm, drive and quality of the work done.

According to NGS.Krasnoyarsk, Masha won this competition as well. Artyom was DQ’d for an attempt at eating buttons off a shirt, after which he retreated to the cage and wouldn’t come out.

As we reported in the end of July, students zoologist from Barnaul had conducted an experiment with animals from the Barnaul zoo to find out which of them will play with a laser pointer’s beam.

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