Domestic dog started to harvest in the Omsk region

 09/4/2014, 14:58
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Domestic dog started to harvest in the Omsk region
Photo from vk.com/matytsin65

Dog named Lemon, owned by Alexander Matitsyn, resident of the city Tara in the Omsk region, helps the owner to carry water, harvest and carry the firewood. The dog did not go through any special training, but before its owner was cynologist. Matitsyn reported to Sib.fm’s correspondent on 4 September.

Four-year-Giant Schnauzer Lemon can carry buckets of water and sand, carry firewood, plant and harvest crops. The owner of the unique dog Alexander Matitsyn started sharing its photographs from October 2013 on his page on the social network «VKontakte».

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«He did not go through any special course of training, I train it at home. Without any help, I used to be a cynologist, in the distant past I began to serve in police from the position of cynologist. When I retired — bought this dog, now it running with me everywhere on the farm.»- said the owner of Lemon.

September 3 Alexander Matitsyn published a photograph where you can see how Lemon helps with the harvest.

Among other things, in winter the dog sledding children.

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