A gopher rescue video goes viral with 7+ million views on YouTube

 09/8/2014, 16:45
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A gopher rescue video goes viral with 7+ million views on YouTube

A Sib.fm correspondent found out how a video, depicting passersby saving a fat gopher stuck in a hole in a dirt road on one of lake Baikal’s islands, got over 7 million views on YouTube.

A user nicknamed PsihAL uploaded a video titled «Saving of a fat gopher» to YouTube on August 26. The video registrator mounted in the car depicts an overweight gopher stuck in the middle of the road and trying to get out of his hole.

«Someone had a bit too much for dinner — now he’s paying for it. Stuck in his hole right in the middle of Olhon’s main road. Had to save the little glutton,» wrote PsihAL in the description.

The passersby got out of their car to help the beast out of his hole, following which the gopher ran off into a field.

At the time of this publication the video had 7 318 223 views.

Siberia often goes viral. As recently as July, a video of a hurricane on the «Nautilus» beach in Novosibirsk made it to the top of YouTube by garnering over 3.6 million views in three days.

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