An auto accident involving a tank took place in Omsk

 09/20/2014, 22:23
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An auto accident involving a tank took place in Omsk

On September 10 in Omsk a tank fell off of the side of the road. The press secretary of the Omsk Ministry of Internal Affairs told the Sib.fm correspondent that the tank was dislodged during transportation.

A 46-ton tank flipped over on the intersection of the Leonov and the Komsomolskaya street in Omsk. The vehicle was being transferred via a back loader truck to the nearest military field. The traffic police specified that the tank did not fall off the platform due to an accident but because it was not properly fastened. The 50-year-old truck driver failed to provide for the proper safety of the oversized load which led to its fall. The driver of the truck is being persecuted on a misdemeanor charge of «Breaking transportation regulations,» the punishment for which is a warning or a 500 ruble fine.

A tractor had to be used in order to recover the military equipment.

Another accident involving a tank happened in 2013 in Sverdlovsk — a tank ran over a draftee soldier from Novosibirsk during military exercises.

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