A video about NSU made top five in an international competition

 09/26/2014, 00:07
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A video about NSU made top five in an international competition

The Novosibirsk State University made the final cut in an international video competition among universities. By the competition rules the educational institution had to be presented in under 30 seconds. Lilia Styazhkina, a journalism fellow, told a Sib.fm correspondent all about it.

All participants of the project are NSU graduates, moreover, a professional camera operator Nikita Getto helped the creators. «We had to use these 30 seconds to create a flash in consciousness — a look inside the mysterious educational institution nested in the middle of a forest and the amazing people who live in the world of search and thought,» says Ivan Bandikov, the author of the original idea and screenwriter who is also a graduate and an NSU journalism fellow.

The video was filmed on August 24, on the weekend, by the university’s main building. «Altogether, we filmed for 8 hours. We were highly dependent on the sunlight and so filmed in two iterations — 6 to 10 AM and 6 to 10 PM. We had a team of about 50 extras who came out to sacrifice their weekend for the sake of the school,» told us Lilia Styazhkina, the production manager.

The video’s lead character is Pavel Borodin, an NSU professor who was chosen by a vote on a social networking platform. «Mr. Borodin is truly a scientist who is loved by all of his students. We posed the question as „whom will you like to see in the role of a wise professor?“ Most voters chose Borodin and I think they were right to do so. He was an amazing person to work with and we are very grateful for his time and patience.»«

The creators of the video said that they are working on a longer video with shots that didn’t make it into the 30 seconds

The Times Higher Education international university videos competition is aimed at the popularization of institutions that strive to make it to the world’s top one hundred universities. Along with NSU, the following colleges made the short-list: Flinders University (Australia), the University of British Columbia (Canada), the Simon Fraser University (Canada) and MFTI (Moscow). The videos will be graded by the number of views and likes garnered by each university. This is why the creators call everyone who liked the video to help and leave their vote on YouTube. The results will be made public in the beginning of October.

NSU has been slowly but surely taking steps to move forth in the «Make it to the Top-100» program. In August of 2014 NSU placed second among Russian institutions in the Webometrics international rating of universities’ web presence. And just now the Novosibirsk school made top grade by the rating of the Potanin fund.

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