A Russian-American cancer diagnostic technology will be tested in Barnaul

 10/1/2014, 14:25
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A Russian-American cancer diagnostic technology will be tested in Barnaul
Immunosignature analysis, illustration from GENENGNEWS.COM

Scientists from the USA and Russia aim to test a new early-stage cancer diagnostic technology in the Altai region and to implement a cancer vaccine. Stephen Johnston of the University of Arizona made this statement public at a press-conference on the work of the Russian-American cancer research center. The center’s director, Andrei Shapoval, told a Sib.fm correspondent about the research.

The unique immunosignature method works by tracking immune reactions — each illness leads to a reaction on the part of the immune system which makes it possible to decipher what illness is ailing the person. To obtain an immunosignature, a drop of blood is placed on a microchip with amino-acid sequences which allows to calculate antibodies created in response to a particular amino acid sequence and to diagnose the illness at an early stage. According to Andrei Shapovalov,

this technology is unique because it allows to diagnose not only oncological but practically all ailments.

On the basis of the Russian-American anti-cancer center, created in 2013 by the Altai State University and the University of Arizona, over 1500 people have been diagnosed with 15 different illnesses, of these 13 are oncological. It is up to the Siberian partners now to secure the pathways to testing peptide microchips in Russia. According to Andrei Shapovalov, it is planned that the patent will be received by September of 2015.

Also involved in the research are the scientists of the Altai State University, specialists of the Altai Territory Oncological Center «Hope» and the «Diagnostical Center of the Altai Territory» and the researchers of the Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine.

Earlier the «EpiGene» company created by the nanocenter «SIGMA.Novosibirsk» and the biochecmical lab «SibEnzyme,» announced a test-system for ultra-early cancer diagnosis. Novosibirsk scientists rated the technology to be about 90% accurate. The testing system’s market entry is planned for 2017.

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Additionally, the Novosibirsk company «AquasysBio» is conducting clinical tests of a breast cancer theurapeutic DNA-vaccine based on the use of genetically modified dendrite cells to stimulate specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes which target the tumor.

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