Novosibirsk neurosurgeons woke a patient up during brain surgery

 10/6/2014, 14:30
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Novosibirsk surgeons of the Federal Center for Neurosurgery conducted the first brain tumor removal operation this side of the Ural Mountains using the Awake Surgery method. According to Vesti Novosibirsk, the operation was a success.

The twenty three year-old patient spent over an hour in full conscience while her brain was being operated on. The tumor was located in the part of the brain that controls the movement of the left extremities — arm and leg. This is why before making the next cut the surgeons asked the girl to move one or the other to be certain that they do not harm healthy parts of the brain. Moreover, the girl could answer the surgeons’ questions.

The head of the Novosibirsk Federal Center for Neurosurgery Vsevolod Luchanskiy explained that this operation was the result of great team work — without the patient’s participation nothing would have been possible. Before such surgeries were conducted under full anesthesia and there were cases of patients losing their speech or motor functions. «We turn off anesthesia and muscle relaxation following which the patient comes to senses and starts working with us. The patient becomes one of the surgeons —she participates in the operation.»

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The doctors noted that the center has all of the necessary equipment. «Our colleagues from Moscow visited us this winter and read a course of lectures on these operations. Some of our specialists went to Tokyo to further their education on the technology and now such surgery can be performed in Novosibirsk,» says the leading surgeon of the Novosibirsk Federal Center for Neurosurgery Djamille Rzaev.

In three days’ time Julia will go home. Her tumor was removed, brain function retained — the surgeons can now confirm this. The Novosibirsk Center for Neurosurgery shared that 7 to 8 such surgeries can be conducted every month.

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