Novosibirsk rescue crew took care of supposed Ebola sufferers

 10/16/2014, 00:58
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Novosibirsk rescue crew took care of supposed Ebola sufferers
Photograph courtesy of the PR office of the Novosibirsk Emergency Department

Novosibirsk rescue police practiced a plan of action in the case of appearance Ebola-infected patients in the city. The training exercise took place as part of a wider national program. The head public relations officer of the Novosibirsk Emergency Department told a Sib.fm correspondent all bout the actions that the government has come up with in the case of such a situation.

During October 4-8 Novosibirsk region rescuers took part in nationwide training exercises. As Yulia Mironenko, a public relations officer at the Novosibirsk Emergency Department, told us — every region gets personal entry-level training tasks, based on potential risks — «as of yesterday, our guys have put out a fire, took care of a residential accident, conducted a rescue operation on the water and took care of a traffic accident.»

On October 7, the Novosibirsk Emergency Department began the third stage of the training activities — large-scale emergency situations. A first for our region was the arrival of an airplane with Ebola patients. «The legend was as follows — an airplane arrives in Novosibirsk, carrying people who had been infected with the Ebola fever,» told our correspondent the head public relations officer at the Novosibirsk Emergency Department Maksim Bogatyrev, «I will repeat myself again — this was just a legend — no people had really arrived, no airplanes have landed. This was just a training exercise to test our ability to make executive decisions if such a situation was to take place in our region.»

He told us that the government officers have studied all the possible scenarios — «we worked through all the developments which may happen in this case — the order of transportation for the infected people and the protection methods for the participants of the operation. Everything was carefully weighed and considered. We tested the readiness level of various structures — medical as well as municipal,» stressed Bogatyrev.

On October 6 the Novosibirsk region rescue crews practiced their actions in the case of an airplane crash. Rescue operations were conducted on the «crash site,» damaged constructions were deconstructed, psychological help was provided for the «injured» and «passengers» were rescued with dogs.

We should note that the WHO feels that Ebola will undoubtedly make its way to Europe. On October 6 it became public that a Spanish nurse was infected with the virus while taking care of a padre from Sierra-Leone. This became the first case of the Ebola fever on the territory of Europe, according to the Russian legal and judicial information agency, noting that there is no active vaccine for the virus.

In October the «Vector» Center for Virus Studies planned to start testing its Ebola vaccines on infected animals.

«The research which made it to the source of the infection show that everything happens as follows — a man catches an infected monkey and gets infected while skinning the animal by contacting with the infected animal’s blood,» Sergey Netesov, a Russian News Agency correspondent, told our correspondent. He also noted that if protection tools — gloves, masks, gowns, are not used when contacting with an infected person, a secondary infection may occur. However, upon regular contact infection is nearly impossible.

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