A crashed American bomber was found in the Kemerovo region

 10/20/2014, 13:44
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A crashed American bomber was found in the Kemerovo region

Forty eight years after it was first discovered, the Siberian transport police managed to get to the airplane lodged in the mountains of the Kuznetsk Alatau. The airplane is assumed to be an American Bomber, crashed during World War II. A Sib.fm correspondent studied the material.

In July, Kuznetsk Alatau nature preserve staff found fragments of a torn-up plane on the Green Mountain. In August a search and rescue police team flew to the location in an MI-8 helicopter but did not make it down to the crash site —low cloud cover got in the way. On September 29th the Siberian transport police announced that its personnel managed to get to the place of catastrophe and to inspect the remnants of the airplane.

These appear to be the remains of an American-made «Douglas» A-22 bomber. It likely crashed during the second world war when soviet pilots flew U.S.-made airplanes from Alaska to the Western front for the anti-fascist coalition," disclosed the press center.

The search party landed several hundred meters from the crash site. «The snow that fell the day before and the towering slope made this task more difficult,» according to the transportation police. At the crash site they found remnants of the airplane carcass and an engine with a bent propeller. U.S. Air Force regalia can still be seen on some parts of the airplane.

«Members of the search party cleared a small area of growth and the pilots landed the helicopter which was loaded up with some of the discoveries,» according to the police. The search party handed parts of the wreckage and photographs from the site to specialists who will trace the names of the pilots and the circumstances that led to the crash.

The bomber was first discovered by a local hunter in 1966. «Since then, many have tried to find the airplane, to move it elsewhere, find out the pilots’ names, however none have been successful so far,» tell the forest rangers.

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According to early findings, the American bomber was handed over to Russian mechanics to customize it for a fighter plane — «Russians had the know-how to re-build airplanes into night-time fighters. The size of the bomber made it possible to mount large radiolocation equipment and still leave room for four flight crew and four mounted machine guns. The „Boston“ airplanes protected important objects on the territory of the country from nightly Luftwaffe raids. One of these planes crashed on the territory of the Kuznetsk Alatau on the Green Mountain. The flight path was very difficult — complex terrain and the weather conditions made it easy to lose track. It is possible that the crew may have veered off course and crashed into the side of the mountain. Could be that the pilots wanted to go over the mountain range. The altimeter may have failed, the airplane grazed the tree tops, propellers bent and the machine crashed.»

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