Tomsk man uses a PC to fend off a bear attack

 10/24/2014, 18:18
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Tomsk man uses a PC to fend off a bear attack
Photograph from WWW.IMENNO.RU

The bear attacked a resident of the Novogornoe village nearby Tomsk when the man was out at the local dump looking for metal to turn in for cash. The man managed to fend off the furry attacker using an old PC case, according to the local huntsman Sergey Yelnikov. On October 20th a Sib.fm correspondent learned more about the incident.

The man and the predator met on Saturday, October 18, at a dump outside of the village where the man found an old computer.

«The bear tried to attack the local resident but the man screamed at the animal and used the old computer as a projectile, launching it at the bear. They parted ways after the encounter. The village resident suffered no injuries, save for a slightly sprained arm from throwing the heavy PC case at the bear,» Sergey Elnikov told Interfax.

He noted that hunters went to the place of the incident and waited for the bear to come back but the animal did not. According to Elnikov, there have been four instances of bear cannibalism in the area — this is how the animals get rid of their competitors when pine nuts are not plentiful and there is a risk of going hungry.

«Such active behavior is atypical of bears. In the fall they are generally lazy, getting ready for the long sleep. The only aggressive ones are the females or the bears who wake up from slumber early. It was likely hunger that drove the bear this close to human habitation,» told us Svetlana Vorobyeva of Novosibirsk City Zoo.

This is not the first instance of a bear attack this year. At the end of September a bear attacked two residents of Strezhevoy, leading to a man’s death and heavy trauma for his wife. Last year Kemerovo had to take special measures to protect its residents from a bear who attacked cars that passed by.

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