A giraffe named Princess from a Siberian zoo rejected her firstborn

 11/5/2014, 14:32
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A giraffe named Princess from a Siberian zoo rejected her firstborn
Photograph from roev.ru

On October 20th a baby giraffe was born in the Krasnoyarsk «Roev Ruchey» zoo to giraffes Baiterek and Princess. This is the first giraffe to have ever been born in Siberia. The mother refused the baby and now park staff are feeding him, according to the zoo’s website. A Sib.fm correspondent learned all about it.

The baby girl weighs 50 kilos — her height is 1.8 meters. Every three hours she is fed a mixture of milk and eggs, lots of babies of different species have been fed in this manner. Additionally, the giraffe receives vitamins, calcium, substances to strengthen the immune and digestive systems.

According to the zoo’s experts, the likely reason for the female giraffe’s refusal of her baby is a lack of mother’s instinct. Inexperienced females in capture and in the wild often leave their firstborn, not knowing what to do with them.

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Now zoologists and veterinary specialists of «Roev Ruchey» Zoo are constantly in touch with their colleagues from Tanzania, the UK, Ukraine, Germany and Russia. Zoologists and zoo veterinarians fight for the life of the small giraffe because all previous attempts at growing a baby giraffe in captivity in Russia were not successful.

The «Giraffes» exposition is temporarily closed to provide a more peaceful setting for the baby.

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