A lost flamingo died of hypothermia in Siberia

 11/18/2014, 19:21
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A flamingo found in the forests of Evenkiya died in a Krasnoyarsk zoo — veterinary specialists could not save the bird from Hypothermia. On November 7th a Sib.fm correspondent found out about it from «Royev Ruchey» specialists.

On October 30th, while hunting in the forest, Pyotr Sidorkin of Evenkiya found a flamingo. The bird lost track of its migration path and fell into the snow due to the extreme cold.

On November 5th the bird was taken to the Krasnoyarsk park of flora and fauna «Royev ruchei.» The experts right away noticed that the bird was in a bad state due to stress and hypothermia.

«In Evenkiya the temperature had fallen to −30°C and the bird could not find any food for several days due to frozen waterways,» the zoo press service explained. «The transporting of the bird only worsened its condition — flamingoes as all wading birds are very susceptible to stress.»

Right upon arrival the flamingo underwent intensive therapy but the bird did not react to stimuli and did not consume food.

We were told that the weakened bird died on November 6th after lunch.

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Also, a pink flamingo was delivered to the Novosibirsk zoo from Altai. The bird also suffered from hypothermia and, moreover, dog bites. Now it is getting treated by Novosibirsk veterinary experts.

On October 20th in Krasnoyarsk part of flora and fauna «Royev ruchei» giraffes Battery and Princess gave birth to a baby giraffe. This is the first giraffe to have been born in captivity in Siberia. The mother refused her child and the park’s workers are currently surrogate feeding him.

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