Novosibirsk bears Kai and Gerda were reunited after a long separation

 12/1/2014, 20:44
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Novosibirsk bears Kai and Gerda were reunited after a long separation

Kai and Gerda were reunited after a year-long separation. On November 28th a Sib.fm correspondent reviewed the available information.

The couple was separated a year ago when the female was getting ready to give birth. The cause for the separation was harsh and simple — jealousy. The bear male can sometimes kill the baby bear if he feels jealous of the female. Now Shilka the baby lives separately, shortly she will move to a new zoo, while her parents live in the same enclosure in Novosibirsk.

«They are so glad to see each other! They are hugging, playing and in the spring will get down to business and start making another Shilka, so we’ve got nothing to worry about,» said Rostislav Shilo, the zoo’s director to Komsomolskaya Pravda. The zoo-workers’ reaction was laconic — «now, this is what we call news,» they said.

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Shilka was separated from her mother in November of 2014. Although this is common practice for all the zoos in the world, many Novosibirsk citizens became concerned. A petition requesting that Shilka be left in the Novosibirsk zoo got over 7800 signatures.

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