Tomsk addiction and drug abuse experts developed a mobile game to fight HIV

 12/10/2014, 16:17
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Tomsk addiction and drug abuse experts developed a mobile game to fight HIV
Screenshot from the game

A mobile game geared towards HIV prevention was developed in Tomsk. The users play as a robot battling dangerous objects in the city and also get the chance to learn about infectious diseases, told us the Alexander Chernov, the head doctor of the Tomsk Regional Center for the prevention of AIDS and other infectious diseases. On the 10th of December our correspondent learned more.

The game’s main hero is a sweeper-robot, brought to life by Soviet students in the 1960’s, who wakes up in our day and age. Having gotten out of the secret section of the university museum, Sweeper starts saving the city from an epidemic of AIDS, bacteria and synthetic drugs.

«Sweeper’s weapon is an ordinary broom, the most important thing to him is the satisfaction received from a job well done. He also likes fresh batteries which he finds here and there during his raids. His enemies are fierce — syringes, molecules of synthetic drugs, bacteria and viruses. A powerful autoclave built into Sweeper’s body helps him to handle all sorts of infections and his kind heart keeps him going along the uneasy road,» according to the application’s description.

According to Alexander Chernov, the application is more than just a game. «This is a large project — there is a platform that contains everything that one needs to know about AIDS,» so communicates his words RIA-Tomsk.

1.2 million rubles were spent on the development of «Project: Sweeper.» The team is planning to add new levels and in-game bonuses for the users who decide to undergo HIV testing.

According to the development team — this is the first game of the sort in Russia. The application is available for Android on Google Play and will soon be available in the Apple App Store.

In 2013 over 500 cases of HIV infection were noted in Tomsk and Seversk — as many as over the last ten years. Medics tie the sharp rise in infection with the gaining popularity of synthetic «club» drugs.

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