Tomsk students partnered up with local ornithologists to create a bird-watching app

 12/15/2014, 19:10
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Tomsk students partnered up with local ornithologists to create a bird-watching app
Picture from the site vk.com/tomskcitybirds

Tomsk State University journalism majors created an iPad application that describes the appearance, sounds and behaviors of birds native to Tomsk, according to a message from the TSU college of journalism.

The interactive application was born in the analytic media-design laboratories of the TSU college of journalism. It is a scientific work of discovery, summarizing the research of the university’s ornithologists conducted over many years. The application is free and available in the Apple App Store.

Users will be able to review bird-specific infographics, video clips, sounds, detailed habit descriptions, advice on where to find the various birds and uncanny historical facts. The users will have the opportunity to learn about starlings, flycatchers, swifts, nuthatches among other urban birds.

«After using this app, you will stop seeing the city advertisements and auto brands but instead will see the intricate web of life that fills the city’s streets, parks and squares. This application helps to learn to distinguish birds by their voice and appearance, teaches wild life lessons and allows the user to share their impressions and experience with other bird birdwatchers. This helps to open up one’s world, to build observational skills and to gain a closer understanding of Tomsk’s ecosystem and its close connection to the daily rhythm of our city and our responsibility to all the creatures that live next to us,» says the project’s director Ekaterina Tikhonova.

A group in VK.com, City Birds, was created to support the app. Users can share their observations with each other here. In June, Novovsibirsk developers created a world-first GIS application for a city zoo, thanks to which a user can create a detailed walking route and read information about each of the zoo’s inhabitants.

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