«Darth Vader» from Novosibirsk is looking for sponsors for the trip to the extreme competition

 12/26/2014, 15:27
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«Darth Vader» from Novosibirsk is looking for sponsors for the trip to the extreme competition
File photo from Chariton Vlasov

Chariton Vlasov, the participant of extreme downhill racing on skates, also known as «Russian Darth Vader», told the media that he is looking for a sponsor for the trip to the competition in Canada. Sib.fm correspondent talked with the athlete December 25.

Former hockey player of «Siberia» team, skater Chariton Vlasov is the only resident of Novosibirsk, participating in international races in downhill skating Red Bull Crashed Ice. Because of its specific face helmet foreign commentators compared the athlete with the head of the Imperial Army of «Star Wars.»

The final stage of the race will be held in Edmonton, Canada March 14, 2015. «During the season, there are four stages, I have to spent 50 000 on each of it. I have enough money to go to America and to Finland, but it is not enough to visit Canada (in March) and to the UK (in February). The cost of ticket to Canada vary from 80 000 to 100 000 rubles. So I’m looking for a sponsor», — explained the skater.

In 2014, Novosibirsk athlete visited three downhill competitions. On the highway in the Netherlands in 2013 Chariton Vlasov was seventh. At the moment, this is his best result since after this stage he received a serious injury in training.

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