Procuracy of Novosibirsk registered a complaint to the Bible

 09/18/2015, 16:11
Procuracy of Novosibirsk registered a complaint to the Bible

The Procuracy of the City of Novosibirsk registered a complaint from a Novosibirsk resident who was asking to make an examination of the Bible for the discrepancy to the Federal Law «On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development», according to the words of Senior Assistant in Media Relations of Prosecutor of the Novosibirsk Region — Dmitry Lyamkin.

«Procuracy of the city has actually registered the request and it will be examined by the Procuracy of the city,» confirmed Mr. Lyamkin to Sib.fm’s correspondent. The author will get a response during a period given by law.

According to the data of Sib.fm’s correspondent, Igor Stasiulis, Deputy Prosecutor who had previously ruled an action against Timofei Kulyabin’s production of Richard Wagner’s Tannhauser, will consider the request.

In particular, Igor Stasiulis had already made an announcement that «there is nothing to be considered.» He said: «Open Federal Law 436, everything is written there in the first article. Open the law, and you will be able to make a legal conclusion about the decision that will be taken.»

We are talking about sub-paragraph 3 of paragraph 2 of the first chapter of the federal law, which says that the law does not apply to the products that have a significant historical, artistic or cultural value to the society. It is also known by the author of the request. As he had said in an interview to Sib.fm, his goal is not to ban the distribution of the Bible, but to show a gap in the law which does not provide any list of cultural values or criteria for their approval. The authority that could outflow judgments which products have the value to society, and which do not, is also not regulated.

«If prosecutors admit art value of the Bible, then citizens will be able to use this loophole for everything else. You can find such a large-scale artistic value in zombie parade, which through a Catholic holiday has its roots in the acient Celts (by the way, they existed even before the Bible was created), that it would not be possible to imagine modern society without this action. In other words, whatever decision the prosecutor’s office takes, citizens will find a lot of advantages in it,» commented the author. He also stressed that using the law for the extraneous aimes prompted him to occupate Prosecutor’s Office by such «trifles».

Doctor of Law Anna Voitsekhovitch agreed with the suggestion that the author is likely to receive a response with reference to the previously mentioned sub-article of the federal law, she recalled that you must proceed from the purpose and a spirit of the law in its interpretation (to protect children), but do not just blindly follow the letter of the law.

«If the idea of the author is not to apply the provision of the law to the Bible, but to show that the law should not be used for someone’s advantage, then I agree with him,» she said. «It should be a framework of the rule of law, and it must be spelled out in a law or mounted on a common understanding of the issue and the general meaning of the law.»

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